Welcome to Genethon's academic research website. Genethon is a leading clinical-stage R&D organization specialized in gene therapy for rare genetic diseases. The laboratory was established 30 years ago by the French Muscular Dystrophy Association (AFM/Telethon). 

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Our research unit is called INTEGRARE ("integrated genetic approaches for the treatment of rare genetic diseases", also identified as UMR_S951. We specialize in translational research in gene therapy, integrating fundamental and technological aspects in the design of new therapeutic strategies. Among our objectives: to overcome the limitations of systemic AAV gene delivery and apply it to the treatment of myopathies; to develop precise and safe gene editing therapeutic strategies. More on our expertise in the "Publications" and "Links" pages.   


INTEGRARE regroups 5 different “Labs” affiliated with Inserm the premier French public research institute on human health, and with the local University of Evry/Université Paris Saclay. Situated within the Génopole campus of Evry, INTEGRARE offers access to state-of-the art platforms including an imaging/flow cytometry facility, a functional exploration animal center, DNA and cell banking and rAAV vector production capacity (see our “Tools and Facilities” section). Projects using ex vivo gene therapy can be supported by the newly-established ART-TG situated nearby on the Génopole campus.


Evry is situated in the south of Paris, France and is accessible by public transportation. 


INTEGRARE recruits talented post-doctoral fellows, PhD students, and internsIf you are interested in joining us, please consult our "Opportunities" section. 



Director of INTEGRARE UMR_S951